Our Team

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the primary governing body of the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) and is responsible for ensuring the organization’s compliance with the AMA Act, its mission, and vision, as well as broader governmental policies and strategic objectives.

The Board is composed of:

  • A Chairperson: Responsible for overseeing Board activities and ensuring effective communication between the Board and the Chief Executive Officer.
  • A Chief Executive Officer: Responsible for the day-to-day operations and execution of the strategic plan.
  • Three other Board members: These members bring expertise from various fields relevant to AMA’s functions, such as agriculture, finance, marketing, and legal affairs.


The Minister for Agriculture and Waterways has the authority to appoint all Board members, providing a direct link between AMA and the government’s broader agricultural and economic strategies.

Mr. Jone Sovalawa

Executive Chairman


The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) stands as a beacon of strategic leadership, steering the course toward sustainable growth and prosperity for farmers in the rural and maritime areas.

At the helm of this visionary organization is Mr. Jone Sovalawa, the Executive Chairman.

They ensure the effective governance of the organization and aim to work towards creating an economically self-sufficient sustainable rural economy.
The purview of AMA’s Senior Management extends across the entirety of Fiji, from the fertile fields of rural areas to the bountiful shores of maritime regions.

Ms. Ashiana Shah

Quality Assurance Manager


Our Commitment to Consumers
Agricultural Marketing Authority has a moral obligation to safeguard our customers by aspiring to produce products that are safe for human consumption and comply with standards. Our primary concern is that the products we produce are prepared to the highest standards using safe quality raw materials and comply with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.

Mrs. Ashika Naidu

Financial Controller


“Where the numbers matter.”
An organization is not complete without the existence of a team of dedicated professionals who are tasked to ensure that the financial performance of the organization is accurately recorded and interpreted to allow for better decision-making for the benefit of all relevant stakeholders. The finance team also ensures that the internal controls are robust enough to avoid or detect fraud and errors. Effective management of Stocks and Cash or Cash equivalents is part of the role of finance. The finance team works closely with all other departments to achieve the vision and mission of AMA.

Mr. Rajan Naicker

Business Relationship and Innovation Manager


The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Business & Marketing Team—is dedicated to catapulting the reputation of agricultural and aquamarine products to unprecedented heights.

With a keen understanding of market dynamics and an unwavering commitment to excellence, this team plays a pivotal role in promoting sales and marketing strategies, ensuring that the fruits of the land and sea reach both local and overseas markets with resounding success.

At AMA, we understand the challenges that businesses face in today’s competitive market. Our team brings together a wealth of experience in marketing, digital strategy, and business development to deliver comprehensive solutions that drive growth and maximize return on investment.

Mrs. Sandhaya Singh

Human Resources Manager


It is a pleasure to introduce you to the Human Resource Department at the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA). The human resources department works hard to ensure our people practices are congruent with AMA’s strategic plan. Our intent is to create and sustain partnerships that enable AMA to achieve its vision through innovative and supportive people practices. Our team is committed to supporting people practices and works thoughtfully and respectfully in every situation to provide information and support, and to find sustainable solutions, through its core focus, HR provides services to staff in a friendly and professional manner.

If you are a job seeker, please visit our Careers page.

Mr. Keni Talebulamainaivalu

Team Fleet Supervisor

Team Fleet

“You Call, We Haul”
AgroMarketing has a total of 22 vehicle Fiji wide ranging from Sedan cars, Penal van, 4×4 Utes, Trucks and Forklift. Our main aim is to provide timely pick up of farm produce from farmers to our warehouse for export processing. We also deliver farm fresh produce to our local market. Our drivers are qualified Heavy Goods license holders and are up to date with current road laws. All our trucks are certified by the Land Transport Authority to carry out our daily operation which is loading farm produces, transporting staff, local deliveries and etc.

Our moto is Safe Service Delivery On Time Any Time.

Mr. Nemia Leve

Regional Manager North

Regional Team North

The Northern team is responsible for all operations on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second main island.

Providing services to farmers in the Cakaudrove, Bua, and Macuata districts.

Purchasing honey, cassava, dalo, fish, coconuts and other agricultural commodities from farmers in the North.

Mr. Nacanieli Tagiwalu Rabuka

Regional Manager West

Regional Team West

Primary concern for team west is to buy produce from rural and maritime farmers and build a good relationship that can boost and motivate the agriculture sector to produce more and have a healthy living.

Mr. Pajiliai Yalimaiwai

National Operations Manager

Procurement Department

At the heart of Agricultural Marketing Authority’s (AMA) operations lies its robust procurement team that ensures fair exchange for farmers but also serves as a catalyst for rural and maritime development.

They are tasked with forging vital connections with farmers nestled in the rural and maritime areas of Fiji. These dedicated professionals act as the bridge between the agricultural and aquamarine producers and the larger market.

In the rural and maritime Fiji, AMA procurement are the frontline representative and primary point of contact for farmers.

Mrs. Nunia Tuinawainoco

Sautu Restaurant Supervisor

Sautu and Retail Team

This is the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Sautu Restaurant and Retail team.

Whether a customer is seeking a taste of nostalgia or a visitor eager to explore the Fijian palate, these dedicated teams are there to service and cater to every need.

For customers opting to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, kava, honey, coconuts, and its based products, AMA’s Retail team is there to assist.

Promoting and marketing agricultural and aquamarine commodities harvested and produced by local rural and maritime farmers.

Ms. Raijieli Bulimaibau

Process Team Supervisor

Processing Team

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Processing Team consists of a dynamic group of individuals who stand at the forefront of transforming raw agricultural and aquamarine commodities into premium products.

Their areas of operations include peeling, cleaning, processing raw products and preparing them to make sure that they are ready for exportation to both local and international customers.

Their commitment to excellence and efficiency ensures that the AMA continues to be a reliable source of high-quality goods in the global market.

Mr. Keni Talebulamainaivalu

Maintenance Team Supervisor

Maintenance Team

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Maintenance Team the seamless operation of facilities crucial to the AMA processes and services.

With a diverse set of responsibilities ranging from routine maintenance to extensive renovations, this dedicated team plays a pivotal role in upholding the infrastructure that supports AMA’s operations.

Mrs. Merewai Gukirewa

Commercial Kitchen and VCO Supervisor

Commercial Kitchen and VCO Team

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Commercial Kitchen team plays a pivotal role in the agricultural sector of Fiji, contributing significantly to both local and international markets.

With a primary focus on processing vegetables and coconut-based products, this dynamic team is dedicated to transforming fresh harvests into high-quality culinavry delights

The team places a strong emphasis on innovation in processing techniques to enhance efficiency and product quality continually.

Simultaneously, rigorous quality assurance measures are implemented throughout the production process to guarantee that every product leaving the AMA Commercial Kitchen meets the highest standards of taste, safety, and nutritional value.

Ms. Vinita Lal

Packing and Mobile Supervisor

Packing and Mobile Team

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Packing and Mobile Teams’ roles are ensuring that the fruits of labor and the bounty of the sea are impeccably packaged for discerning local and overseas customers.

The precision and dedication of the members of these teams contribute to the AMA’s commitment to delivering processed foods of the highest quality to tables around the world.

Mr. Semi Tudravu

Fish Unit Supervisor

Fish Unit

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Fish Unit strives for excellence and, is at the forefront of managing and optimizing the entire spectrum of aquamarine commodities.
They play a pivotal role in showcasing the diversity and quality of aquamarine commodities from Fiji’s maritime areas such as Lau, Vanua Levu, Rewa, and Rabi.
They serve as a gateway for aquaculture products to find their way into both domestic and international markets, expanding opportunities for producers.

Mrs Vilimaina Rokonai

Assets Unit

Assets Unit

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) Maintenance Team the seamless operation of facilities crucial to the AMA processes and services.

With a diverse set of responsibilities ranging from routine maintenance to extensive renovations, they play a pivotal role in upholding the infrastructure that supports AMA’s operations.

However, the Assets Unit takes pride in its commitment to sustainability by identifying and addressing damaged inventories promptly.

Orchestrating the maintenance and repairs of damaged inventories, thus prolonging the life of each asset and extending its operational lifespan.