Taro [Colocasia Esculenta]

Taro [also known as Dalo] is grown all year round in Fiji and is a stable food crop to majority of Fiji’s population. It is a crop that is grown mechanically and traditionally and contains large amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C. Taro is a crop planted by most families and is a source of income to most rural farmers. Taro is exported to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and other Pacific Islands.

Agricultural Marketing Authority sources it supply from the two main islands in Fiji and is touching the very untouchable areas that do not access to any market. To assist our rural farmers, AMA has a policy to pick, weighed and pay at farm gate before it is transported to the Warehouse. It is peeled, washed and is stored in blast freezers with temperatures of minus 21 degrees for 24 hours before it is packed for overseas and for our local markets.