AMA 2023 Christmas Party



Ms. Amelia Liku stood before the bustling Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) headquarters, surrounded by the men and women of Navikisara and Waivou from the Rewa province.

The air was thick with the aroma of freshly harvested crops, and the rain-soaked ground beneath their feet reflected the determination etched on each farmer’s face.

Ms. Liku, a 33-year-old with weathered hands that bore the stories of countless seasons, spoke on behalf of the group.

Her voice carried the weight of their collective struggles, yet there was an undeniable spark of hope in her eyes.

The farmers had braved the unforgiving terrain, weathered the stormy skies, and trudged through muddy swamps to bring their harvest to the AMA headquarters, in Nausori.

“For us, this is very convenient,” Amelia expressed, her gratitude evident. “Instead of sitting out there in the market the whole day, we can come here, sell our produce, and then go back home to do other things.”

She painted a vivid picture of the hardships they endured before discovering the services provided by AMA.

The uncertainties of where and when to sell their produce and the long, arduous journeys through swamps and past pig farms were now replaced by a simpler reality.

“Before, after we harvest, then we worry about where and when to sell it? How long it will take? But now, it’s just harvest and bring it here, which is a great help for us,” she shared, the weight of past struggles lifting from her shoulders.

Her words resonated with the experiences etched in the lines of every farmer’s face. The risks they faced, walking through swamps and navigating pig farms, brought not only physical challenges but health risks like leptospirosis and infections from the muddy, pig-inhabited swamps.

The once perilous journey had transformed into a more manageable, secure endeavor with the support of AMA. As the rain continued to fall, mingling with the tears of gratitude in the farmers’ eyes, a sense of unity and resilience enveloped the AMA headquarters.

The collective efforts of these men and women, their faces etched with determination, were not just about selling produce but building a sustainable and prosperous life for themselves and their families.

In the heart of adversity, they found solace, not just in the shelter of the AMA headquarters, but in the shared hope for a better tomorrow.

AMA Executive Chairman, Mr. Jone Sovalawa, emphasized the importance of fully utilizing AMA’s services. “Especially for those that live in the rural and maritime areas, AMA is here to help build a sustainable rural economy, supporting and promoting locally grown produce,

Nurturing Growth: The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) 

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) stands as a pivotal force, weaving the threads of agricultural and aquamarine commerce into a tapestry of sustainable growth.

At the heart of AMA’s operations lies its robust processing system, a dynamic mechanism that not only ensures a fair exchange for farmers but also serves as a catalyst for rural and maritime development.

Responsibilities of AMA:

Liaising and Purchasing:

At the core of the AMA process is the task entrusted to each personnel in working towards forging vital connections with farmers and fishermen nestled in the rural and maritime areas of Fiji.

The dedication to building a bridge between the agricultural and aquamarine producers and the larger market is a priority and is one of the core functions of AMA.

AMA directly engages with farmers, working to have a better understanding of their needs and challenges, facilitating a seamless exchange of goods that is both equitable and economically sound.

Conducting Grading:

This is another crucial aspect of AMA’s process. The strict adherence to these crucial parts of processing is an indicator that AMA prioritizes and is always committed to purchasing quality agricultural and aquamarine commodities.

Every agricultural and aquamarine commodity that passes through AMA’s hands undergoes meticulous grading.

This ensures that the products meet the highest standards, not only benefiting the end consumers but also enhancing the reputation of Fijian produce on both domestic and international fronts.

AMA’s dedication to quality assurance not only instils confidence in buyers but also contributes to the overall upliftment of the agricultural and aquamarine sectors.

Frontliners and Point of Contact:

AMA emerges as one of the frontline representative and primary point of contact for farmers. These professionals serve as more than mere intermediaries; they become pillars of support, providing guidance, assistance, and a direct link to the broader market.

Ensuring high-quality services has transformed AMA from just a functional aspect of commerce, but it is a key player in the sustainable development of Fiji’s rural and maritime regions.

Actively engaging with farmers, conducting rigorous quality assessments, and acting as the primary point of contact.

AMA stands as a beacon of growth, fostering a harmonious relationship between the agricultural and aquamarine sectors and the wider marketplace.

In the tapestry of Fijian agriculture, AMA weaves the threads of prosperity, ensuring a vibrant and resilient future for both farmers and consumers alike.