Key Functions

  • To assist the Agro and Aqua producers in marketing their produce
  • To identify markets for and to facilitate and develop the marketing of Agro and Aqua produce
  • To purchase, sell and export Agro and Aqua Produce

The Board

The Board is the governing body of the Authority and is responsible for the performance of the functions and powers conferred to the Authority by the AMA Act. The Minister for Agriculture has the authority to establish and appoint the Board Members :

  • A Chairperson
  • A Chief Executive Officer
  • And three other Board members

The Board must meet at-least four times in a year.

Alignment to Strategy

The functions of AMA is aligned with the Government and Ministry of Agriculture, linked to the National Development Plan and Ministries Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2019-2023.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Increase sustainable market linkages and improve wealth creation for farmers in rural and maritime areas.
  • Promote youth employment in agriculture through agribusiness sector development, backed by the contracted farming model and supported by end-to-end post harvest logistics.
  • Extend Governments National Financial Inclusion objective as a trusted marketing agent for grassroots farmers and increasing penetration through active engagement.
  • Improve commercial agriculture footprint led by Fijians across remote areas, increasing their land utilisation and enhancing their livelihoods.
  • Cultivate and nurture partnerships with Ministry of Agriculture and promote innovation platforms such as organic farming and smart agriculture for effective implementation in the rural and maritime areas.

Key Initiative

  • Establish strategic collection centers across Fiji to secure market linkage for farmers in rural and maritime zones for key agricultural commodities at pre-agreed pricing.
  • Grow the contracted farming model to open up new markets for farmers in rural and maritime areas, whilst providing advance farming activity support (tools, materials and equipment) and guidance to the farmers to enable sustainable agricultural development and livelihoods.
  • Facilitate farmer clusters into commercial agriculture setup that promotes production as well as economic benefit to the community and the country, providing them with financial literacy training and provision to other related services.
  • Increase farmer access to banking and FNPF, facilitating the extension of their services in rural and maritime areas, allowing them to take advantage of benefits offered and to achieve commercial success and social well being.

Achievable Impact

  • Increased collection of agricultural produce from rural maritime areas by 15%, achieving increased cash injection in these communities, supporting rural livelihoods and bridging the rural urban divide.
  • Incremental agricultural trade by 10% through through ‘new business’, boosting Fiji’s agriculture Exports.
  • Growth through new product introductions and enhanced product portfolio of value added agricultural commodities.
  • Improved farmer-inclusive agribusiness development and expanded Agro-Industry, increasing rural and maritime farmers participation in the sector by 5%.