Charter :

The Agriculture Marketing Authority Act No. 2 of 2004 established the AGRICULTURAL MARKETING AUTHORITY to facilitate the purchase, sale and exportation of Agro-produce and for related matters.

Functions of the Authority:

The Authority will provide the following  services as covered in the AMA Act:
  • To assist the producers of Agro-produce in marketing of their products.
  • To identify markets for and to facilitate and develop marketing of agro-produce.
  • To purchase, sell and export and import agro-produce or import agro-input.
  • To do any other thing necessary to properly carry out its functions and powers under this AMA Act.

Powers of the Authority:

The Authority was established as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue or be sued.  In exercising its powers it may:
  • Acquire property, hold or dispose of properties, enter into contracts, mortgages, pledge, sell, or otherwise encumber or dispose of its property.
  • Invest, lend money or raise loans.
  • Export agro-produce, import agro-input and in special circumstances and with the approval of the Minister, import agro-produce.
  • Do any other thing that a legal person can do in connection with its functions.

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