Yaqona [Piper methysticum]

Yaqona also known as Kava is planted all year around in selected areas in Fiji.  It is grown mostly in Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and other maritime Islands.  Yaqona is the traditional drink in Fiji and other Pacific Island countries.

Today, kava has become a very lucrative cash crop and is in great demand by both, local and overseas markets.  It has different tastes.  The effect of the kava drink determined by chemicals called kavalactones.  For other uses of kava such as selling it pre-pounded, preparation of extracts for use in herbal or pharmaceutical products, or formulation into dried or liquid ready to-drink formulations, the quality may also be judged by other characteristics.  This may include the total amount of kavalactones present, the amount of a particular kavalactone, freedom from the soil or other contaminants, or the presence of different parts of the kava plant such as roots (or waka), chips (or lewena).

The drink is prepared from the dried and pounded roots (waka) and sliced rhizomes (lewena) of the kava plant.  Dried kava is commonly traded or used to prepare the drink but green kava is still used in Fijian traditional ceremonies and gatherings.

Once dried waka and lewena is received at the warehouse, waka is re-process by sundrying before it is either pounded or waka packed fresh in quantity to be sold locally and also to meet overseas demands.  Agromarketing is mindful that all yaqona we sold in the market either locally or overseas is of high quality to meet the required standard.


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