Crop Technology & Development

This unit is solely responsible for the Purchasing of crops from Farmers, Processing and Packaging with regards to our Customers orders either locally or overseas.  The unit also responsible to see that wealth are evenly distributed to all farmers with the working capital.  A Standard Operation Procedure [SOP] is in place for each commodity that needs to be followed to minimise waste and boost production.  Supply chain for each commodity is reviewed every year allowing improvement in areas to be compliance with Food Standard Requirements.  In improving supply chain for each commodity, farmers training and awareness on pre and post handling in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture is an ongoing process to meet customer's specification.  AMA is contracting farmers as part of its commitment to meet supply and demand and at the same time assist rural and maritime farmers in the marketing of their produce.

It is also responsible to see that all orders either overseas or local are fulfilled and discharge as and when it is required.

AMA buys the following commodities from rural and maritime areas : Taro, Cassava, Yams, Dalonitana [Coco yams], Kumala [Sweet Potato], Fruits and Assorted Vegetables.


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