Ministerial Statement

Bula and Welcome to the Fiji Agricultural Marketing Authority's (AMA) Cyber Office, its Website.

The AMA's operations are in line with Government's priority to modernize the Agriculture sector, in turn contributing to the Fiji 2020 Agriculture Sector Policy Agenda and the fulfilment of National Agriculture Goals.

The opportunities for socio-economic growth that could result from the full realization of Fiji's agricultural potential are endless.  The natural and human resources are readily available and the production to market cycle must be strengthened.

That is the niche of the Agricultural Marketing Authority as enshrined in its Charter - it exists to facilitate  the purchase, sale, and export of agro and aqua produce.  By doing so, we are bridging gaps between farmers and markets, providing income and ordinary Fijians, and addressing issues of employment and empowerment.  People and livelihoods are at the center and focus of AMA's operations.  That is the heart of the existence of AMA.

The AMA enables market reach for the farmers who are outside the main capitalist grid.  This website is an extension of that concept - while providing local farmers with information, it lays out important information of products and processes of existing customers and potential buyers, both local and overseas.

This website is in line with AMA's growing portfolio and its commitment to customer engagement.

Hon. Inia B. Seruiratu,
Minister for Agriculture, Rural & Maritime and National Disaster Management & Meterological Services.

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